News and Events

At St. Mary`s in RYDAL

On October 3rd at 7.00pm at St. Mary`s in RYDAL we shall resume our monthly Taizé Prayer: evening prayer for Christians of all traditions. It is a simple, meditative form of worship, calling us to dwell deeply on Christ’s presence around and within us. Mantra songs (such as, “Jesus, Remember Me”), prayerful silence and short readings guide the focus of the prayer in a candle-lit environment. The Service lasts about 45 minutes. (The next Services will be on November 7th and December 5th)

Taizé Prayer is named for the ecumenical Christian community formed in Taizé, France during World War II. Today the Taizé community includes brothers from all Christian denominations, including Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox traditions.

Changes to Universal Credit

My Universal Credit is going to be cut by £20 a week. I struggle to get by as it is and I’m really worried that I’ll get into serious debt. I’m already behind on some of my bills. What can I do to avoid things getting worse?

Grasmere Rushbearing 2021

We have taken public opinion into account and feel that it’s still too early to have a full procession in Grasmere to celebrate Rushbearing.

So we are going virtual again for 2021