Pushing at an Open Stable Door

One of the things I most enjoy about my particular calling, is that at this time of year I get to see quite a few Nativity Plays. One year, I think I clocked up as many as five! Nativity Plays in my experience, can be great fun and I’m always extremely impressed by the way teachers find ingenious ways to ensure that every child…. and I mean EVERY child has some part to play.

How you do God is how you do everything

Today we hear the prophet Amos (6.1-8) offering us the picture of a basket of summer fruit to conjure with. If you’ve been picking blackberries or stewing fruit in recent weeks you might enjoy the image. At first sight it’s like something out of a country lifestyle magazine, we might think(!) And yet, for Amos and indeed, God’s people, this otherwise welcome image of ripeness, is, actually one of judgement.

Greatness of Soul

It’s sometimes said that if you want to gain a better perspective on life – especially if you’re a bit down in the dumps – then the best thing to do is pay a visit to the children’s ward of the local hospital. ++

Reverence: Tagging along with Jesus

I have the greatest of sympathy with couples preparing for their marriage these days. But considering the sheer amount of advance planning, the attention and effort that goes into it all (not to mention the cost) I do sometimes wonder, “Whatever they will have to talk about after the ceremony?” since this ‘project’ has absorbed so much of their time and attention for so very long? ++