From David Wilmot

Sunday 28th March 2020

Dear Friends,

The Peace of the Lord be with you…. Greetings from Margaret and me.

Special Greetings to John and Sonia Rickman on their recent 55th Wedding Anniversary!

I do hope this finds you all in good form. I’m hearing so many good things about the way people are keeping in touch and looking after one another. The resilience and good humour throughout the community is very heartening. As of yesterday, the Archbishops instructed the clergy to remain at home, in line with the Government’s guidance. Extraordinary times indeed!

Worship and Prayer

You will be very much aware by now that Worship in Church has been suspended. This is a cause of much sorrow; but nonetheless, there are significant blessings too. Broadly speaking, we’re being given an invitation to reflect on some of the fundamentals of our life and faith. Two things in particular:

Firstly, as the porch notice reads: “The Building is closed but Church is open”.

This important distinction needs to be borne in mind as we go on into the future. It is we, the PEOPLE, who are the Church; called through our worship, prayer and service to BE Christ in and for our community. I would invite you to join me in praying that in and through all of these challenges we will discover more about how we can bless our community by leading them in the worship and service of Christ. In short, as I’ve said on numerous occasions: It’s all about Jesus.

As we understand more of who HE is
so, we discover who WE are
and we come to realise what we’re FOR.

Secondly, as the Archbishops recently said… “for a season, the centre for the liturgical life of the church must be the home, not the church building”.

Sunday Reflection

I’m not the world’s best at the new technology but I have made a first attempt at putting a Video Reflection online. It can be accessed at St. Oswald Grasmere Youtube Channel

David Wilmot’s Blog:

Reading Mark for Lent

Through Lent we have been reading Mark’s gospel. The list of readings can be found here.

Holy Week and Easter

Clearly, this great Festival will be very different this year. In the coming days I will try to form some suggestions for how you may wish engage with this at home- though again, there will be many national resources to guide and help you.

Keeping Informed

The Church of England website:

This will give you full updates regarding the Archbishops’ guidance and also a host of other helpful resources for prayer and reflection.

The Diocese of Carlisle Website:

Bishop James and Bishop Emma are sending out regular messages. To receive these, you may wish to subscribe to the eNews Bulletin.

Keeping in touch

I’ll be more than happy to have a face-to face chat via Skype, if that works for you.
Get in touch and we can fix things up.

Please do pass on anything of which you think I should be aware.
Tel: 07305 777 113

A text to remember:
“Therefore encourage one another and build up each other, as indeed you are doing” (1Thessalonians 5.11)

My prayers and good wishes,  David