Grasmere Church picture returns after 120 years

Earlier this year we were contacted by Connie Follis from America, saying that she had a sketch of St. Oswald’s church that she would like to give to us.

The picture was drawn by one of Connie’s ancestors, Florence Wheatley. Florence was born in 1885 in South Shields, Co. Durham. The family would holiday in Embleton, and in 1899 Florence drew a lovely picture of Grasmere Church.

The family moved to Canada in the early 1900’s taking the picture with them. Florence went on to be a nurse at a mission in the Krishna district of India and later at Kodaikanal in South India. The photo shows her on the veranda at one of these stations.

Connie Follis
Florence Wheatley

The Grasmere Church picture stayed with the family in Canada and came down through the generations, ending up with Connie Follis in San Diego, USA. Connie’s grandmother was Florence’s cousin.

Connie decided the time had come for the picture to return home, and has very kindly sent it for the village and the Church to enjoy and to keep safe for the future. It is now hanging in the Langdale aisle.