Grasmere School’s Nativity Play hits the news

Grasmere School’s 2020 re-telling of the Nativity story has hit the press and TV news.

Unable to hold the traditional nativity play in church due to Covid-19 restrictions, the children took to the fells around Grasmere to shoot the 20-minute film.

Mary and Joseph live in an urban setting. Gabriel appears in their ordinary life. Mary’s pregnancy unfortunately coincides with Covid 19, which leads them to travel to a rural area where they feel less at risk. Grasmere is, of course, a welcoming community. There may be no room at the inn, but a barn is found.

There are angels, visitors and wise men, with a modern backdrop of closed hotels due to the spreading virus.

The film has now been released online on vimeo and youtube.

See the children interviewed on BBC regional news, Jo Goode’s interview on ITV regional news, and articles in the Westmorland Gazette, The Guardian and Grasmere Parish Magazine.

The film will be broadcast to local hospitals on Christmas Eve.