How to add content to the Website

You will need to register before you can add content to the website.

How to do this.

1. Go to the website, on the sidebar under the Admin tab is a login link. Click this.

2. The first time, you won’t have a Username and Password, but there is a “Register” option. Create a username, and enter the email address you would like WordPress to use. It will send you an email with a password reset link.

3. Open the email and change the password to something memorable. Remember the password – the admins won’t have access to this, but we could reset it if you forget.

4. At this stage you will have very limited capabilities until your status is updated by the admins. We will have been notified of your registration and will respond usually within 24 hours. This step is unfortunately necessary to prevent spammers flooding the site with unwanted content.

5. When your registration has been enabled, go back to the login page and log in. You will then get a dashboard, which may be unfamiliar if you’ve never previously done anything with WordPress. In the left hand column, go to “Posts” then “Add New”.

6. You are now in the WordPress editor. Add a Title for your article, and then start writing the text. For those unfamiliar with WordPress, it has various editing modes, this site defaults to the relatively new ‘Block’ editor. There are many types of Block for creating content, the most useful to start with are the Paragraph block which has the symbol, the Header block with the symbol, and the Image block with the symbol.

With the Image block, use the alignment button to left or right-align the image within the text.

7. There’s a Preview button in the top right hand corner to see how it will look. When you’ve finished, click Publish and Submit for Review.

8. It then goes to the Admin to set it live on the site.

9. To add an event to the Calendar, go to My Calendar, Add New Event and add the Event Title. Scroll down to add the Date, Start time and End time, then scroll up or down to find the Publish button and click that. The event then goes to the Admin to go live.