Latest Covid Guidance for Church Services

Covid Guidance: Caution Urged

Dear Friends,
We are all, I suspect, still digesting the outcome from the changes announced last week.

There are two features of this most recent Guidance which I think we should bear in mind. The first is that decisions as to how we might adjust our behaviours are being devolved to us, at a local level.

Secondly, whilst we are being given much more liberty than we have enjoyed in recent months, we are asked to be sensitive to those who remain uncertain about, for example, close proximity to others, mask wearing and so on.

Printed copies of the most recent Guidance are available in the Church Vestry and on the Noticeboard by the Font. You can also access this online at:

Please ensure that your views are heard by having a word with the myself or the Churchwardens. Please especially get in touch if you are concerned about anything.