Organ Renovation Appeal


The present church organ, built by J J Binns of Leeds in 1923, is an exceptionally fine instrument of its time. Binns was an organ builder renowned for solid workmanship and the use of the finest materials. However, almost 100 years on, the organ needs renovating.

The organ pipes, soundboards, windchests and bellows are basically sound but many other parts are worn or have been subject to short-term repairs that have now failed.

Binn’s patent tubular pneumatic action (the extensive system of tubes which connects the console to the organ’s wind supply) was considered innovative at the time of construction but this has become sluggish and makes the organ unresponsive to play. The keyboards, pedalboard, pistons and couplers would benefit by being electrified.

Some revoicing of the pipes is needed and the overall balance of the organ would be improved by the addition of a 16′ pedal reed stop and a sesquialtera rank on the choir organ.

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