Organ Renovation Appeal
Restoration Programme

Full description of proposed restoration.

  • Tubular-pneumatic mechanism removed and stored within the organ.
  • Soundboards, unit chests, bass chest and front pipe blocks electrified with modern lever electromagnets, replacing primary pneumatics.
  • Pneumatic slider machines and wind trunks removed and replaced with powerful slider solenoids and associated power supplies.
  • Keyboards and pedalboard restored and fitted with electrical contacts and springs.
  • Thumb pistons replaced and augmented with electric ones.
  • Stop-knobs fitted with long-draw electric solenoids.
  • Toe piston sweep replaced by a redesigned one with electric pistons.
  • Processor-based transmission and combination system installed.
  • Pedalboard moved to align D under D.
  • Expression pedals set back from their present position and redesigned to make them easier to operate.
  • Organ bench fitted with hinged blocks to make it height-adjustable.
  • Console woodwork restored and music desk light replaced.
  • Attend to sagging front pipe block.
  • Pipes, mechanisms and surfaces thoroughly cleaned.
  • New bellows inlet cut in cabinet.
  • Improve ladders and lighting within the organ to make access easier.
  • Unit chests and wind trunks restored and checked for soundness.
  • Indicator lights for porch and vestry be fitted to console.
  • Remove Dulciana pipes and replace with Sesquialtera 12.17.
  • Replace Harmonic Bass with Trombone.

Your support for this programme would be greatly appreciated.

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