Rushbearing 2020 – a “virtual” event!

Saturday 11th July

We did it! It certainly was different. Many thanks to those who prepared bearings and displayed online, who got into the swing of things and tried out new crafting methods and those who collected proper rushes to create such masterpieces. The locations were wide spread, from Florida USA to Edinburgh, Durham, Radcliff and Bromley, Kent.

It allowed past residents and visitors to share in the preparations in the run up to the day. Of course we missed the community gathering in Church to wind, but all those pictures of the crosses on display were a stunning reminder of how creative this village can be.

It definitely worked having a competitive edge to encourage people to join in, there was a total of 30 bearings including 5 children’s and 13 coming from away. The winners of the Adult Trophies were Helen and Trevor Eastes for Best Bearing, Secret Squirrel; Best background went to Jill Morrison, and Most Quirky went to Emma Southwood for her Knitted Flowers. Young Person’s awards went to Emily Sanderson, Lily and Ella Dougherty, Beth and Grace Priddle, and Euan and Rona. We will present and photograph for the ephemera file and tokens of this event will be issued to all who took part.

With contributions from the committee – Will, Amy and Charlotte and many others there were over 60 people involved, and future generations will know that there was no break in Rushbearing due to the pandemic – a pat on everyone’s back!

The only thing missing I hear you cry is where was the gingerbread? No procession so no gingerbread! We know we are supported by the Gingerbread shop and we look forward to that next year. Let’s hope for a great turn out in July 2021!

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Carrie Taylor