Rushbearing 2020 – a “virtual” event!

Rushbearing 2020 is still on – virtually!

Saturday 11th July

With lockdown measures still in place there will sadly be no Rushbearing procession this year. However, we are planning to mark the occasion virtually!

There are several benefits to this. A digital Rushbearing would require no social distancing, and it can be a global event, allowing those unable to get to Grasmere to participate. Let’s see how many people and how many countries can be involved in this unique Rushbearing, with a prize to the most interesting or exotically located ‘bearing’.

For those of you who haven’t made a bearing in the past, we intend to host a YouTube session giving instructions in advance. We would then like you to create your own bearing from household and garden items. Please don’t worry if you can’t access rushes safely and easily, just be inventive!

When photographing your bearing, consider doing it in the garden or somewhere with a great background, in landscape. Realism plus creativity will be awarded prizes. PLEASE NOTE wild flowers and stomping through farmers’ fields without permission is not encouraged, so surrealism is the order of the day. They say that necessity is the mother of invention!

Please email the images of your creation to by Friday 10th July at 10pm.

We are also looking for photographs and stories of previous times to enhance our understanding of how Rushbearing has changed through the years.

We are open to suggestions as to how to make Rushbearing 2020 as connective as possible. Keep an eye on the village notice boards and log onto the Grasmere Rushbearing facebook page for further information. Carrie Taylor