Rydal Hall Chapel online

A short daily reflection from Rydal Hall Chapel.

Dear Friends,

As we enter this renewed period of relative (and for some of us, literal) confinement I write to invite you to join myself and the Community at Rydal Hall in a period of prayer, as suggested by the Archbishops in their recent Pastoral Letter.

Although we are in no way immune from the challenges of these days, it’s good to recall that we are part of a family with many stories to tell of how our God sustains us in the wilderness times. With this in mind, I’m proposing that the daily prayer of Rydal Hall Chapel will go on-line in the coming weeks. Each day I will offer a short reflection which I hope will both sustain us and help us get our bearings. These will include a Youtube time of Prayer and Reflection on Sundays beginning on November 15th.

These will appear on my Blog each morning at davidmwilmot.wordpress.com.

Please feel free to share these links with others. If you would prefer a direct email link please do let me know.

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York wrote to say, “it is our view that the best way we can serve our nation now is by pouring energy into doing the things that we can do, which is to pray and to serve”. They are surely right to remind us that we have a long tradition of both. Let’s seek to face these coming days with patience and hope in our faithful God.

My continuing prayers and good wishes,  David.