Tower Restoration – Work in Progress

Continued care and repair…

Continued care and repair

You may notice that some of the high-level limewash paint is flaking and in some localised areas, the outer skin of harling has crumbled – this has been caused by continued saturation of the fresh new mortar in this very wet part of the country!

Lime mortars require months, sometimes years to carbonate (set), but once carbonated they are excellent at managing moisture within solid walls and keeping them dry! They need dry weather in the first few months to build up resilience before the first frosts come – dry weather is something that is rare in the Lake District, so we see here that continued saturation of the walls at the top of the tower has left it vulnerable to frost that has burst through the surface as the water particles expand.

Rectifying the damaged mortar and limewash is part of the on-going project.