Founded in 642AD by St Oswald

Final resting place of the poet William Wordsworth

In the heart of the Lake District

St Oswald’s Church warmly welcomes you

Situated by the banks of the River Rothay in the centre of Grasmere village, St Oswald’s is a historic place of worship, much loved by local people and over 100,000 visitors each year. Its services are attended by a faithful, local congregation as well as many who come to stay in Grasmere. St Oswald’s has a fine musical reputation and is home to the annual Grasmere Rushbearing.

News and Events

We have taken public opinion into account and feel that it’s still too early to have a full procession in Grasmere to celebrate Rushbearing.

So we are going virtual again for 2021

With the arrival of scaffolding in the first week of May you cannot fail to notice that further work is starting on the Tower. More…

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